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  • Random Fandoms!
    Oh, so many sews to show off! I have fandom strikes from both Retro Stitch and Geek Garden and made some super cool stuff! I don’t work with woven as often as knits, so was excited to try something a little different out. This Our Flag Means Death print from Geek Garden Fabric is super […]
  • Pokémon forever!
    I’ve posted about my love for Pokémon before. It’s my fave, what can I say? My husband even preordered Scarlet and Violet for me for my birthday last month (he didn’t realize at the time that they come out in November). Also, it’s a good thing we didn’t name our second daughter Scarlet. I considered […]
  • Silvermist
    I was recently asked to join the Stitch Upon A Time tester team, which was pretty awesome! Usually I apply to tester request posts, so being approached by Kelly was super cool. The pattern SUAT was testing in September was the Silvermist Sweater, which is a colorblocked pattern in both kids and adult sizes! I […]
  • I like things in jars
    Yes, the title is accurate. I have lots of stuff in jars around my house. My favorite is the stillborn Sphynx kitten I bought years ago from my friend Angell as a birthday present to myself. Other jar things I like are the Jar Dolls print from Coffins & Diamonds. I used it a few […]
  • Favorite Fandoms
    I did a few strikes last month and they all finally opened right about the same time (aka the beginning of September). Two of them are fandom prints – one for me from Geek Garden and the other for my preschooler from Retro Stitch. (Look! I figured out how to put links in the text!!) […]